Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Where are You, my Brothers?

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, baritone
Constantine Orbelian
Moscow Chamber Orchestra
Style of Five
Spiritual Revival Choir of Russia
Lev Kontorovich, director
Arrangements by Evgeny Stetsyuk

Somewhere Far Away
Dark is the Night
Unexpected Waltz
Where are You, My Brothers?
On a Nameless Hill
The Roads
Soldiers are Coming
In the Trenches
The Sacred Stone
Cossacks in Berlin
My Moscow
The Road to the Front
The Hills of Manchuria
The Lonely Accordion
The Last Battle

"Oh, the front lines We are not afraid of any bombings It is too soon for us to die." The Road to the Front~Dorozhka Frontovaia Where Are You My Brothers, this timely collection of Russian songs from the war years, once again brings the masterful and moving collaboration between Delos International, Maestro Constantine Orbelian and Dmitri Hvorostovsky to their global fan-base. When Hvorostovsky and Maestro Orbelian began this project they called it War Songs, meaning the Second World War, or The Great Patriotic War as it is known in Russia. As this project has evolved, it has grown to include songs from the early period of the Russo-Japanese war of 1905 to the Cold War period and beyond. With his powerfully evocative readings Hvorostovsky, in tandem with the MCO, Style of Five and Spiritual Revival Choir of Russia brings to life the wide range of emotions experienced by millions during the war - grief, hope, pain and dreams of a happy and peaceful life.

This release captures with great precision the pathos of war and its effect on people and the arts they create.

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