Dmitri Hvorostovsky, I met you, my love

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, baritone
Constantine Orbelian
Moscow Chamber Orchestra
Style of Five
Arrangements by Evgeny Stetsyuk

I Met You, My Love
No, It's Not You I Love So Fervently
Only Once
Bright Is the Night
I Remember the Charming Sound of the Waltz
O, If Only I Could Express in Sounds
Do Not Awaken Memories
The Coachman's Song
In the Wide Open Field
The Lonely Coach Bell Rings
Misty Morning
But I Love You, Nevertheless
The Troika Speeds, the Troika Gallops
The Autumn Wind Moans Mournfully
At That Fateful Hour
I Loved You
The Weeping Willows Slumber
You Cannot Understand
Shine, Shine, My Star

"My father has been the strongest influence in my musical life. As far back as I remember, I loved to listen to him sing and play the piano, especially his favorites, the old Russian Romances. Recording this program is my tribute to his love and devotion - to music and to me. I dedicate this album to my father, Alexander Hvorostovsky." -- Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Continuing his celebrated recordings for Delos International, Dmitri Horostovsky brings the beauty of Russian Romances to his global audience. These Romances - much-beloved Russian-style songs - have their roots in the 19th century and are widely performed and cherished in all corners of Russia, and the former Soviet Empire. With a long tradition of home, school and stage performances, the Russian Romance typically tells the story of love - passionate, unhappy, heartbreaking, usually set against the vast beauty of the Russian landscape. Melodious and often featuring lyrics by the very best period poets (Tolstoy, Pushkin, Turgenev on this recording) these Romances offer a unique opportunity for the listener to experience the intense emotional beauty of these works.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky's affiliation with this music goes back to his childhood. As his father is a devotee and experienced performer of Russian Romances, Dmitri grew up listening to these works being performed by his father (who attended the recording sessions for the disc) as well as to numerous recordings and radio broadcasts. Under the baton of Maestro Constantine Orbelian, Russian Romances, offers new arrangements of these traditional treasures and combines a classical chamber orchestra with the traditional Russian instruments balalaika and bayan.

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