Vassily Gerello, Favorite Ukranian Songs

Vassily Gerello, baritone
Constantine Orbelian
Moscow Chamber Orchestra

Ridna maty moja (My Dear Mother)
Yaseny (Ash Trees)
Pyrohy (Dumplings)
Dva Koliory (two Colors)
Chorniji brovy (Dark Brows)
Cheremshyna (Chokeberry)
Dyvlius' ja na nebo (Looking at the Sky)
Po Sadochku Khodzhu (Walking in the Garden)
Kazav meni bat'ko (Father Told Me)
Jakby meni (Were it not...)
Nitch Jaka Misjachna (Moonlit Night)
O Sokil (Eagle)
Skazhy meni (Tell Me)
Misjats na nebi (Moon in the Sky)
Hora (The Mountain)
Vechir nadvori (Is is Evening)
Oj ty divchyno (My Girl)
Reve ta stohne (The Dnieper River)

The Ukrainian culture is remarkable for its rich musicality and wide variety of musical instruments, dances and songs. The fact that Ukraine was a multinational melting pot is clearly reflected in music, which absorbed influences both from East and West.

The lyric songs in this album are the real gems of Ukrainian music. They were created in the 19th century and just as in Russian songs and romances, they were performed so often that the names of their authors are mostly forgotten.


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