Shostakovich Waltzes

Constantine Orbelian
Moscow Chamber Orchestra

Waltz from Michurin / 2:06
Waltz from The Return of Maxim (Le retour de Maxime, Die Ruckkehr von Maxim) / 3:08
Waltz from Golden Hills (Montagnes d'or, Die goldenen Berge) / 4:49
Waltz from The Gadfly (Le Taon, Die Bremse) / 2:12
Galop (VI) from Ballet Suite No. 1 / 1:35
Waltz from Pirogov / 4:36
Waltz from The First Echelon (Le premier detachement, Der erste Militarzug) / 2:47
Polka (IV) from Ballet Suite No. 1 / 1:54
Waltz from Moscow, Cheremushki / 2:13
Waltz from The Human Comedy (La comedie humaine, Die Menschenkomodie) / 2:33
Folk Festival (Spanish Dance) (Fete populaire, Volksfest) from The Gadfly (Le Taon, Die Bremse) / 2:41
Waltz from Unity (Unite, Das Lied der grossen Flussen) / 3:32
Dance (III) from Ballet Suite No. 3 / 2:06
Lyric Waltz from Ballet Suite No. 1 / 2:20
Galop (VI) from Ballet Suite No. 3 / 3:12
Humoresque-Waltz from Ballet Suite No. 1 / 2:52
Polka from The Golden Age, 1929-30 (L'Age d'or, Das goldene Zeitalter) / 2:15
Waltz (I) from Ballet Suite No. 2 / 2:23
Tahiti Trot from The Golden Age (L'Age d'or, Das goldene Zeitalter) / 4:17
Dance (II) from Ballet Suite No. 1 / 1:46
Waltz (V) from Ballet Suite No. 3 / 2:04

This exhilarating waltz-evening program presents Shostakovich as the entertainer. It will come as a delightful surprise to those who aren't acquainted with Shostakovich's lighter side.

The first-time collection features waltzes from 9 films: Unity, Return of Maxim, Golden Hills, Pirogov, Human Comedy, First Echelon, The Gadfly, Michurin, and Moskva-Cheremushki. A Lyric Waltz, Humoresque Waltz, Two Waltzes, 2 Galops, a Dance and a Polka from the Ballet Suites I, II, and III round out the waltz-evening program, along with a Polka from The Golden Age. Also included are two favorite dance encores: Spanish Dance from The Gadfly and Tahiti Trot (Tea for Two).

This is a CD for any festive occasion, full of excitement, romance and fun. The orchestrations have tremendous variety and color. There is even a balalaika solo!

Shostakovich's lifelong connection with the theatre began early. All through his teenage years he played the piano regularly in a silent movie theatre. He composed scores for 37 films, wrote music for the ballet, and incidental music for many plays and theatrical productions.

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