Tchaikovsky Serenade and Seasons

Constantine Orbelian
Moscow Chamber Orchestra

I. Pezzo in forma di Sonatina / 9:22
II. Walzer / 4:00 (excerpt mp3 3.6 MB)
III. Elegie / 8:24
IV. Finale (Tema Russo) / 7:42

January -- By the Fireside / 4:34
February -- Shrovetide / 2:40
March -- Song of the Lark / 2:45
April -- Snow-drop / 3:00
May -- White Nights / 4:18
June -- Barcarola / 5:16
July -- The Mower's Song / 1:54
August -- The Harvest / 3:58
September -- The Hunt / 2:41
October -- Autumn Song / 4:24
November -- The Troika / 2:40
December -- Christmas-tide / 4:28

There is no other work in the piano literature similar to Tchaikovskyıs The Seasons, in which the composer attempts to describe the eternal stream of life in nature and in humankind. Tchaikovsky wrote this cycle of twelve piano pieces during 1876, and it was first published as a supplement to the monthly theatre magazine The Novelist. Commissioned to write the cycle by the famous publisher N. Bernard, Tchaikovsky set to work with enthusiasm. It is noteworthy that the composer immediately approved all of the twelve subtitles the publisher suggested for the pieces, along with the evocative verses by outstanding Russian poets.

The outstanding Russian conductor and composer Alexander Gauk (1893-1963) arranged The Seasons for symphony orchestra in 1942. His imaginative orchestration of The Seasons was done in a very tasteful manner, and Constantine Orbelian, conductor of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, has followed Gaukıs lead in making a few discreet modifications for this recording.

The form of the Serenade for Strings is close to that of a suite for orchestra in classical style, thus the small composition of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra strings effectively illuminates the vivid character of the work. To this day the Serenade for Strings is one of the most familiar and well-loved classical pieces ever, and with the masterful playing and creative touch of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, one can appreciate again the beautiful music that Tchaikosvky is so readily associated with writing.

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