CPE Bach 3 Concertos for Flute and Orchestra

Raffaele Treviani , flute
Constantine Orbelian
Moscow Chamber Orchestra

Concerto in G Major for Flute, String Orchestra and Continuo, H. 445
Concerto in D Minor for Flute, String Orchestra and Continuo, H. 425
Concerto in A Major for Flute, String Orchestra and Continuo, H. 438

Total playing time: 66:51

Three compositions of extraordinary beauty, marked by restless writing and great technical difficulties, with those quick staccato notes and rapid wide intervals. They are examples of a style with an element of surprise, of questions left unanswered, of great sensitivity and of a warmth that is already Romantic. It is not music to be executed in a superficial manner. The Concerto in G Major is the biggest and the most difficult technically. The one in D Minor alternatively presents in a few minutes of listening an incredible journey from a dimension still tied to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, evidenced in the first movemennt, to the Romantic dimension of th slow movement, and finally to the feverish tension of the strong concluding Allegro. Last, the Concerto in A Major, for which Carl Philipp anticipated the possibility of entrusting the solo part to a flute, a cello or a harpsichord. To such an end he wrote some sections differently for each instrument, but 90 per cent of it is the same. I wanted to perform Pampal's short cadenzas: my personal homage to him, since all contemporary flautists are in his debt.

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